A Guide to Cellulite: Part II


In yesterday’s blog post, we discussed the basics of a cellulite, a skincare annoyance that affects up to 90 per cent of women. Today, our discussion will focus on the topical and technological treatments available to reduce cellulite, as well as the question of whether or not such treatments are worth the investment. As we’ve mentioned before, the best long-term treatment for cellulite reduction is to stick to a healthy diet, drink lots of water, and follow a consistent gym routine that aims to decrease your body fat and strengthen your muscles. For those of you who may be heading to the beach over the weekend or have a special event coming up, there are some quick treatments you can try to reduce the appearance of your cellulite immediately.

One product you can use for immediate results is a tanning lotion, which, when applied, creates the appearance of an even skin tone and produces a slimming effect on your arms, legs, and stomach areas. Self-tanning lotions are not permanent; they often wash off in the shower. Therefore, they’re a great alternative to more expensive cellulite treatments. Make sure you apply your tanning lotion with a special mitt or glove; this way, the product will distribute evenly on your freshly-cleansed skin. We recommend that you try Maui Babe Tanning Lotion, which sells for $14.96 on Amazon.com.

Another product that works for some women is a firming lotion. Results are mixed as to whether or not firming lotions actually work, so the best way to find out is to try one yourself. Packed with moisturizing ingredients, firming lotions can definitely give you hydrated and smooth skin, but whether or not they actually reduce the appearance of cellulite is the million-dollar question. Clarins’s Body Lift Cellulite Smoother has very high reviews on Sephora.com, where women gush that the cream has tightened their skin and reduced their cellulite drastically. Most other products on Sephora.com have mixed or low reviews, but the Lift Cellulite Smoother, which costs $68, seems to have developed a cult following.

Lastly, one product that can do an excellent job of reducing your cellulite is the Original Coffee Scrub, which you should apply in the shower. The scrub will stimulate blood flow and smooth out your skin’s imperfections. It’s made with coffee beans, almond and Vitamin E oils, sea salt, and sugar, and these ingredients work together to exfoliate, treat, and moisturize your skin. Make sure that you leave the scrub on your skin for several minutes after you’ve massaged it in, rather than rinsing right away. If you use it several times a week, you should notice a reduction in stretch marks and cellulite after three weeks or so.

Other treatments, such as liposuction, are not cost-effective. They are expensive and sometimes they don’t work. Even though liposuction can eliminate fat, for example, it does not do much for cellulite. We stress that cellulite does not mean you are unhealthy, and you shouldn’t overthink it. You are usually the only one who notices it, anyway! :-)

Let us know in the comments if there are any other tips you may have for reducing cellulite!


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