Skincare Myths: Do You Need to Cleanse Twice a Day?


While it goes without saying that it is important to properly clean your face every night, many experts suggest that you wash your face in the morning as well. If your face is clean when you go to sleep, though, why do you need to wash it again in the morning?

Perhaps you don’t. There is no denying that the skincare industry is a big business, and many beauty products are expensive. Of course they can do wonders for your skin, but they’re not cheap and they don’t last forever. By telling you to wash your face twice a day, skincare companies are encouraging you to use twice the amount of product in half the time, which it means you have to purchase double the product and spend twice the amount of money.

Think of it this way: a traditional cleansing routine only really needs a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. But now, women are encouraged to buy serums, facial oils, essences, ampoules, masks, peels, exfoliators, overnight sleeping packs, and more. While these products are fantastic for treating the skin, rather than just cleansing it, it goes to show that the skincare industry is a billion-dollar business that wants you to buy, buy, and buy some more.

But getting back to your skin’s health. What is the benefit of cleansing in the morning? Well, if you are using multiple products each night, it may be best to gently cleanse in the morning in order to remove excess oils that have built up overnight from your moisturizing products. If you have a very oily complexion, a twice-a-day routine might be best for you, too. If you have dry skin, however, you likely do not need to cleanse in the morning, as you could further dry out your skin. Let it revitalize itself during the day and a daily cleanse at night (which removes the day’s dirt, grime, and impurities) should be just enough to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

If you have acne, or your dermatologist has suggested that you use medicated products twice a day, then we recommend you listen to them! Everybody’s skin is different. If you think that you may be over-cleansing (your skin feels dry and irritated, you notice red patches, etc.), try to skip the morning cleanse and see if your complexion clears up.

In the end, you have to listen to your skin. If your face looks irritated, your skin is trying to tell you that there’s a problem. We suggest that you might even “restart” your cleansing routine: pick a great cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, and use only those products for a week or two. Once your complexion rebalances itself, add in a serum and eye cream.

Don’t feel like you have to include every possible product on the market into your skincare routine. Many women don’t use toners or serums. Pay attention to what your skin is telling you and listen, that way you can figure out the best skincare routine for you.

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