Your Evening Skincare Routine: The Products You Need For Your Best Skin


It is important to cleanse, treat, and moisturize your face each night before bed. During the day, your skin faces temperature changes, pollution, different fabrics and fragrances, and stale air. Each night, it is recommended to remove all traces of dirt, replenish the skin's pH balance, add active anti-aging ingredients, and moisturize before you head to sleep! In this article, we'll outline the necessary products you'll need for the ideal routine that'll result in healthy, glowing skin.



The first step in any evening skincare routine is remove all your makeup. Therefore, you need to find a product that is efficient at makeup removal, such as a cleansing oil, cleansing balm, facial wipes, or a micellar water. Usually, you apply this product to your dry face and massage it, with your fingers, into the surface of your skin for about thirty seconds, followed by a thorough rinse. You may need to use a special product for your eye makeup, as waterproof mascaras and eyeliners can sometimes resist certain cleansers!

After you remove your makeup, it is time to properly cleanse your face. Use a foaming cleanser to detox your skin of impurities, excess oils, and leftover makeup and grime. You can also use a cleansing tool or sponge to massage the product into your skin. To read more about the ideal cleansing routine, as well as products we suggested, check out our article on double cleansing



After cleansing, it is time to tone your skin. A toner is great for shrinking pores, balancing your pH level, making your complexion even, and refreshing your skin. If applied with a soaked cotton pad, toners can help to remove any leftover trace of makeup that you may have missed during cleansing. After toning, your face is perfectly primed for your treatment and moisture products.

If you don't have an official "toner," you can also use a facial spray, which are water-based, gentle, and just as refreshing. Facial sprays and mists are excellent sources of hydration and instant radiation, and they are ideal for all skin types. They soothe redness and help to quickly replenish your face with a little more water, as skin is usually a little dried out after cleansing. To read more about facial sprays and mists, check our our article, which suggests five of the best current sprays on the market to add to your routine! 




After cleansing and toning, the next step is to apply serum. Serums are basically lightweight moisturizing creams that penetrate deeper into the surface of your skin, helping to treat with active ingredients. They are made up of smaller molecules than traditional moisturizers, so they are capable of really targeting specific skincare concerns. A serum is not a mandatory part of your skincare routine, however, but we recommend one if you want to see a brighter complexion.




After a deep cleanse, you have removed all the oils from your face, so now you need to replenish it and restore its water balance. There are so many different kinds of moisturizers and night creams on the market, and some women prefer to use oils to hydrate, rather than creams. Find something that is fast-absorbing, lightweight, and soothing. 

Inspect your face in the morning. If you spot dry patches, then you may need to apply more moisturizer at night. If your face appears oily and greasy, you may need to apply less.

Once you find the perfect moisturizer or night cream, you'll wake up each morning to a glowing, balanced complexion and soft skin.




The skin under our eyes is thin and delicate, meaning that it is quick to show signs of exhaustion and age. We recommend that you lightly apply an eye cream each night, especially underneath the eyelid and up to the corner of your eye. Eye creams help to moisturize the thin skin under the lids, so that you look refreshed in the morning.




A sleeping mask is designed to be applied to your face before bed and rinsed off in the morning. They are optional, as most women do not use them. Their main purpose is to moisturize your skin overnight while you are sleeping. If you apply a sleeping mask after your regular moisturizer, it will lock in those ingredients, so your face absorbs all the other products you applied even better! 


Once you create your perfect night time skin routine, you'll notice fewer breakouts, less dark spots, and a balanced, youthful complexion! 

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