Who We Are

Body Lush was built on small beginnings. By that, we mean a handful of coffee beans. Our small team of caffeine-heads based in Toronto, Canada decided that the incredible power of a centuries-old brown bean shouldn’t be limited to a morning cup of coffee. We took everything, and we mean everything that makes coffee great and brought it into the world of skincare. 

Pouring a steaming hot cup o’ coffee over your forehead and spreading it all over your body seemed to not jive with people, so we enlisted the help of some other favorites from mother nature’s pantry like Demerara Sugar, Himalayan sea salt, and Almond Oil. After much self-experimentation (picture a bunch of people packed into an office building’s washroom spreading brown scrub all over their face) and user-feedback, we finally hit the sweet spot. A perfect mixture of all natural ingredients leaving your skin feeling energized yet supple.

Body Lush’s All Natural Coffee Scrub was born.